Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to become registered with the Board?

Regular applications are processed weekly, once all the documents are received. Please allow several weeks for the transcript(s) to be sent to our office.

Applications based on claims of equivalency to a social work degree will normally take several months. Additional information may be requested and the assessment process is complex.

2. Can I pay my fees in installments?

The PEISWRB does not have an installment plan.

3. I have two social work degrees. Do you need both transcripts?

The official transcript of your highest social work degree is sufficient. If you obtain an advanced degree after you are registered, we would appreciate having a copy for our files in order that our database is accurate.

4. I have copies of my transcript. May I submit this to you?

We require that your transcript is sent directly to us from the educational institution.

5. My degree has not yet been conferred. May I become registered?

Some people have completed all the requirements for their degree but must wait several months for this to be conferred. They wish to become registered immediately for job opportunities. We will accept a letter directly from the Registrar or Director of the School of Social Work confirming completion of the requirements, for the purpose of registration. We still require a transcript after convocation.

6. Which schools of social work are accredited?

The Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work accredit Canadian programs. A complete list is on their website.
The Council of Social Work Education accredits programs in the U.S.A. A complete list may by found at their website.

7. Is it necessary to be approved for private practice to do adoption home studies for licensed agencies?

Yes. In accordance with Section 2 of the Adoption Act you are required to be a Registered Social Worker to do this work. Also, please refer to our private practice policy.

8. I am moving to P.E.I. and am currently registered in another province. Can I transfer this registration?

At the present time there are no transfer agreements between provinces. You are therefore required to complete an application package for P.E.I. and pay the required fees.

If you are registered in another province on the basis of having obtained an approved degree in social work, we will accept confirmation of this from that province. As some of our requirements may differ from those in other provinces, we require that you complete our application procedures.


9. Do you have a question that has not been addressed?

Please contact us.