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Code of Ethics

Ethical behaviour is a reasonable expectation in every profession. A comprehensive Code of Ethics (Outgoing Link) was adopted by the PEISWRB in 2010 and updated in 2024 as it also allows the Board the ability to regulate the Social Work profession by clearly defining what behaviour is considered to be ethical, correct or right under specific circumstances. Social Workers are expected to uphold the following seven core social work values (2024):

  • Value 1: Respecting the Dignity and Worth of All People
  • Value 2: Promoting Social Justice
  • Value 3: Pursuing Truth and Reconciliation
  • Value 4: Valuing Human Relationships
  • Value 5: Preserving Integrity in Professional Practice
  • Value 6: Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Value 7: Providing Competent Professional Services

Violation of the PEISWRB Code of Ethics may lead to an evaluation of the conduct, a formal complaint, and/or subsequent disciplinary action. The Social Worker has a fiduciary responsibility to the public to ensure they are complying with the Code at all times. As a regulated body, the Registration Board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the public’s safety by ensuring a high degree of professional conduct by its members.


CASW-ACTS Code of Ethics (Outgoing Link)
PEISWRB Code of Ethics (2010) (PDF)

PEISWRB Social Work Act (PDF)
PEISWRB Standards and Discipline Regulations (PDF)
PEISWRB Certification Regulations (PDF)

PEISWRB Private Practice Policy (PDF)
PEISWRB Professional Development Policy (PDF)
PEISWRB Continuing Education Policy (PDF)
PEISWRB Registrar’s Role (PDF)
PEISWRB Terms of Reference (PDF)


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Code of Ethics

A comprehensive Code of Ethics was adopted by the PEISWRB in 2010.



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