Ada, Cathy
782-377-1577 | 151 Great George Street, Charlottetown, PE
Areas of practice: Individual, couple, and family therapy. Anxiety, stress management, grief and loss, identity strengthening, parenting, and trauma.
Offers electronic practice.

Anderson, Derek

Arsenault, Kiera

Arsenault, Linda

Ballum, Sarah – MSW, RSW, CPT
902-303-4357 |
Certified Play Therapist who provides therapy to children, youth, and families. Areas of practice: Trauma, anxiety, attachment, grief, managing emotions, encopresis, Theraplay, EMDR.
Offers electronic practice when appropriate.

Bernard, Margaret

Berkers, Julie

Blouin, Heather – Grand River Ranch
Day program for clients of the accessibility support program.

Brocklebank, Karen – Flourish Wellbeing Centre
902-598-7620 | |
Areas of practice: Services offered will be one on one short term counselling and mentoring. Workshop on stress reduction, mindfulness and general wellbeing topics. Wellbeing workshops for employers.

Bulger, Frank – Personal and Family Counselling
902-626-9787 | |
Areas of practice: Clinical.
Electronic practice available.

Burchell, Kaela
902-388-5154 |
Areas of practice: Providing individual therapy with a focus on the following mental health services: managing ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress management, grief and loss, self-esteem, and coping skills. At this time, services are only offered via teleconference.

Campbell, Pamela

Cannon, Cheryl
902-894-4604 |
Areas of practice: Individuals, couples, mental health, grief, stress.
In-person, virtual and telephone counselling available. Dates of availability are negotiable.

Clarke, Teresa – MSW, RSW
902-393-3791 |
Areas of practice: Clinical therapy with adults, couples, and parents.
In-person and online video therapy

Cochrane, Douglas – Foundation Therapy
705-796-7759 |
Areas of practice: Sexual addiction and betrayal, trauma, EMDR.
Solely providing online sessions via secure Telehealth platform.

Crowder, Rachael

Curley, Susan
902-629-5445 |
Adolescent and adult clients; individuals, couples, and families all welcome.
Practising in loss and grief, trauma, anxiety, stress and adjustment issues.
Previous experience as a pediatric and neonatal social worker.
In person and virtual appointments both offered.

Davis, Catrin
902 626-7718 |
Areas of practice: Individuals, couples, and families; grief, loss, and resilience; adjustment to injury and disability; coping strategies related to health issues and workplace adjustments; aging and seniors’ issues.

Dickie, Bryan

Doyle-Hogan, Sheila
902-393-4758 |
Areas of practice: Individuals, children (10+), adolescents and young adults (anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, crisis intervention, self esteem, bullying, separation and divorce). Mindfulness, expressive arts, solution-focused, CBT and DBT.

Duffy-Arsenault, Emily

Eldershaw, Darlene – Time to Talk Counselling
902-208-3078 |
Areas of practice: Mental health (anxiety, depression, BPD, etc.), trauma, couples therapy.
Counselling provided in person and via Zoom.

Ellsworth, Kerri-Anne

Evans-Murley, Viola

Flynn, Bobbi Jo 
902-626-8839 |
Area of practice: Adult mental health.
Not currently offering electronic practice.

Forgeron, Ian 
902-394-0044 |
Areas of practice: Trauma informed, men’s mental health, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
Available via video (Zoom, Skype, etc.) or telephone.

Freeze, Emily 
902-393-3829 | Freeze Consulting

Gallant-Gordon, Josée

Gauthier, Kathleen
902-394-4466 |
Areas of practice: Individuals, couples, and families. Complex dynamics including trauma and trauma-related emotional issues, relationships and family dynamics, abuse, attachment, separation/divorce, and intimate partner conflict, high conflict custody/access, and parenting.
Limited electronic practice available.

Griffin, Ian

Griffith, Jacqueline – Calm Shores Counselling
902-441-9960 | |
Areas of practice: Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, bullying (adolescent or adult clients), adjusting to major illness or injury, grief/loss, healing from being a current NICU parent or former NICU parent or family member.
Offers electronic practice.

Hagan, Kimberley -Kimberley Hagan Counselling
(902)213-1071 |
Area of Practice: Individual, couples and family therapy. Focusing on anxiety, stress management and coping skills specifically with health care professionals; grief and loss issues.

Hiscock, Laura

Holm, Wendy – Wendy Holm Counselling Services
(902)786-4656 | |
293 Water Street Summerside PEI C1N 1C1

Jamieson, Cheryl

Jones, Katheryn

Kelly, Lindsay – Mind Body Therapeutic
902-200-0141 |
Areas of practice: Clinical therapy for youth, individuals, couples. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Anxiety & Depression Management, Specializing in Maternal Mental Health Services

Kinnear, Teresa

Lauzon, Susanne

LeClair, Della
Not currently taking new clients.

LeBlanc, Nancy
LeBlanc Therapy & Wellness| 902-040-2553 |
Areas of practice: Private adoption home studies, birth parent counselling, supervising adoption placements

Lightwood, Jill

Livingston-Pollard, Lori
902-393-4488 | |
Areas of practice: Abuse, addictions, anxiety, attachment issues (adult), assertiveness, depression, grief/loss/bereavement, habit change, health issues, loneliness, personal growth/wellness, phobias/fears/panic, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/trauma, psychotherapy, relationship issues, self-esteem, separation/divorce, social skills, stress management. Workplace issues services provided to: individuals, couples, families (LGBTQ+ welcoming). Age-groups served: Adolescents (14+) and adults.
Services are offered via in-person office appointment or Zoom.

Lund, Darlene
Areas of practice: A trauma-focused effort to assist individuals and families to understand themselves through strategies and practices that bring awareness of self and assist in bringing more harmony and joy into lives of those who display courage in asking for help.

MacDonald, Janet
902-388-4458  |
Areas of practice: Couple and individual therapeutic counselling for adults, trauma intervention services, mindfulness presentation and teachings.

MacDonald, Magan
902-394-2596 | |

MacDonald, Paula – MSW RSW
431-337-4966 | | Suite 5, 326 Patterson Drive, Charlottetown, PE
Areas of practice: Depression, anxiety, workplace injuries, PTSD, childhood trauma, relationship breakdown, grief, disability management, sexual assault, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Emotional Regulation Therapy, couples, and family counseling/mediation services. Private services offered through Employee Assistance Program contracts and registered with Blue Cross.
In-person, telephone, and video conference services available.

MacKay, Jacqueline
902-394-0744 | |
Areas of practice: Offering Grief Counselling via Zoom or Telephone. Specializing in Loss, Child Loss, Out of Order Loss. Consultation for Clinicians on issues of Loss and Out of Order Loss.

MacLeod, Leah – Roots of Hope Counselling
902-200-8515 |
Area of practice: Women’s mental health
In person and electronic services available.

MacLeod, Mary Ellen – Family Counselling Services 
902-330-4410 |
Areas of practice: Youth and adult anxiety, adult anxiety management, healthy coping skills.
In person and Zoom counselling available.

MacMillan, John A.

MacMillan, Mary Beth

MacSwain, Jamie

Manko, Sherri | 204-951-0236 |
Cognitive Behavioural framework, especially for those with anxiety disorders
Virtual Services Only

McGregor, Dara
902-218-5426 |
Individual and family therapy
Services in person or online in English or French; LGBTQ +

Murphy, Shelly

O’Connor-Rafuse, Melva

Pereira Campbell, Christina – MSW, RSW, Sexologist
902-629-4894 |
Areas of practice: Anxiety, stress, depression, grief, anger management, sexual issues, self-esteem. LGBTQ, non-binary, non-confirming gender counselling available.
In person and telephone counselling available.

Perry, Monique

Petrie, Amanda
Contact: |

Porter, Lindsay
902-314-5534 |
Areas of practice: Adult and youth (aged 16 and over) mental health services.

Reardon, Katelyn 
Katelyn Reardon Counselling Services | 902-330-2561 |

Rolfe, Sigrid
902-964-2091 |
Areas of practice: Private adoption, home studies, birthparent counselling.
No electronic practice is available at this time.

Rooney, Megan
902-388-6156 |
Areas of practice: Adults (18+); depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, self-esteem, grief and loss, and life transitions.
In-person and virtual services available.

Roy, Rachael
129 Kent St 3rd floor. 902-626-6929

Ryan, Verna

Schurman, Tim

Shea, Tara | Shea Counselling
902-439-7434 |

Stewart, Jill – Your Life Design Inc.
902-316-0745 | |
Areas of practice: Working with professionals, students, caregivers, and busy professionals.
Electronic practice is available.

Strang, Amanda

Sturgeon, Heidi – Heidy Sturgeon & Associates Online Therapy
902-460-0124 | 1-844-932-4333 | |
Areas of practice: Anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, stress.
All sessions offered using a secure and confidential video system.

Sutherland, Lynn
Serene View Ranch

Swan, Jodi – Shifting Sands Counselling and Consulting
902-394-0490 |
Areas of practice: Aging, end-of-life, grief and loss, sexual health and wellness.
No electronic practice currently available

Thomson MacRae, Nicole
Oak and Cedar Counselling Services
4 Meadowbank Road, Cornwall PEI

Watson, Andrea