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The Prince Edward Island Registration Board (PEISWRB) is the regulatory body for the social work profession on Prince Edward Island.

Our mandate is to protect the public from preventable harm. There are three main tools used to achieve this goal:

We are also a member of The Association of Social Work Boards.

Delegation of Authority

The Prince Edward Island Social Work Registration Board (PEISWRB or Board) was established as a corporate body pursuant to Section 7.1 of the Social Work Act for PEI.

The purpose and functions of the PEISWRB are:

  • To regulate the practice of social work in the province;
  • To promote established standards;
  • To safeguard the welfare of the public with regard to social work services;
  • To provide for the investigation of complaints and for the discipline of social workers in accordance with this Act and the regulations;
  • To adopt a code of ethics and standards of practice;
  • To issue certificates and to maintain the Register;
  • To enter into agreements or other arrangements with the governing bodies that regulate the practice of social work in other jurisdictions to provide for the inter jurisdictional practice of social workers and the continuation of control and regulation over the practice of social work;
  • To prescribe initial and continuing educational, proficiency and other qualifications for registration, including fees;
  • To examine applicants and judge entitlement to registration;
  • To issue certificates of registration and keep the official register;
  • To assure adherence to established ethical guidelines;
  • To prescribe standards of practice;
  • To investigate complaints and exercise discipline pursuant to the Act.

The PEI Social Work Registration Board carries out its functions by assessing credentials and other qualifications, then registering Social Workers who meet the minimum requirements for entry to practice social work; by promoting excellence in social work practice by encouraging high standards of practice and ethics; and by reviewing complaints concerning social work practice.



Members of the Board

Professional Practice

Code of Ethics

A comprehensive Code of Ethics was adopted by the PEISWRB in 2010.



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